Spring Boot – Actuator setup

Spring Boot actuator provides useful metrics regarding your application like health, configurations, error pages, version information, etc. Setting up and using an Actuator in Spring Boot could not be easier than adding the correct dependency in the pom.xml file and using the appropriate url to access the metric information.

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Spring Boot – Using log4j logging

Spring boot uses an opinionated approach for a lot of things, with logging being one. It uses Logback by default. While Logback is useful, some of you may want to use a different log library. What do you have to do to use log4j as the logger?

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Alfresco Maven SDK

Many times when we want to customize Alfresco, we tend to take the easy route and make changes to the core Alfresco .js and .xml files that are in the alfresco or share folders.  While this may be a quick fix and easy to work with, it is not advisable to do so and not recommended by Alfresco as well. The reasons are as follows.

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