Discovering the Secrets of CloudFront Logs: Tracking Your Digital Footprints

Have you ever wondered how websites deliver content so quickly? Behind the scenes, there’s a powerful service called AWS CloudFront that helps make it happen. But did you know that CloudFront also keeps track of important information about how content is delivered? These records, known as CloudFront logs, act like a trail of breadcrumbs that can help website owners understand how their content is being accessed and improve the overall performance.

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S3 Access Logs

S3 access logs are log files generated by Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) that capture detailed information about access and requests made to S3 buckets. These logs provide valuable insights into who accessed the buckets, what operations were performed, and when they occurred. S3 access logs can be enabled for individual buckets and are stored in another S3 bucket designated to store the logs.

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