Intro to VPC Peering

AWS VPC Peering is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows customers to create peering connections between their Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). It enables direct communication between VPCs in the same AWS account or in different AWS accounts within the same region.

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Intro to VPC Internet Gateway

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Internet Gateway (IGW) is a horizontally scaled, highly available AWS-managed component that allows communication between resources in your VPC and the internet. It serves as a connection point and facilitates the exchange of traffic between your VPC and the public internet.

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Intro to Subnet and VPC

A subnet in AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a range of IP addresses in your VPC that you can use to launch your resources, such as EC2 instances or RDS databases. A subnet is a subdivision of an IP network, which enables you to segment and isolate different parts of your network.

When you create a VPC, you can create one or more subnets within it. Each subnet must be associated with a specific availability zone within a region. Availability zones are physically separate locations within a region, each with its own power source, network, and connectivity to other availability zones.

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Intro to AWS VPC

AWS VPC or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is a service that enables customers to launch their AWS resources in a virtual network that is logically isolated from other networks in the AWS cloud, and in some cases, even from the internet.

When creating a VPC, customers can define their own IP address range, subnets, and route tables, and have full control over their virtual network topology. They can also configure security groups and network ACLs to control access to their resources, and use a variety of network connectivity options, such as virtual private network (VPN) or AWS Direct Connect, to securely connect their VPC to their on-premises data centers or other networks.

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