Intro to Cloud Computing and AWS Cloud

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model for delivering computing resources over the internet. Instead of relying on local hardware and software to perform tasks, cloud computing allows users to access computing resources such as servers, storage, databases, applications, and other services over the internet on an as-needed basis.

With cloud computing, users can access computing resources on demand, pay only for the resources they use, and scale resources up or down quickly and easily. Cloud computing also offers a high level of flexibility and mobility, allowing users to access their applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device.

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Intro to AWS S3

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a cloud-based object storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). S3 provides scalable storage for any type of data, including images, videos, audio files, text documents, and more.

S3 offers a highly available and durable platform for storing and retrieving data. It also offers features like versioning, server-side encryption, lifecycle policies, and cross-region replication. With S3, you can store and retrieve data from anywhere in the world, using a simple web interface, command line tools, or APIs.

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